How to Show Love Feel Without Words

Women are often afraid to express love to the man who first liked. In addition to fear, women also do not want to be cheap because it says his love.There are other ways which could imply that you love him. Here are some tips on the approach, which shows that you love without using words.

Giving Attention

Simple things like eating is a form reminding considerable attention from you. For more 'touching' You can say good morning and good night for him. Most of the time you notice it, then he will feel special.

Give Her/him favorite snacks

Find out her favorite snack. You can buy it for her, while giving added attention to the words, like 'I bought you a snack so if you do not have time to eat lunch, you can eat this snack'. Already a snack that he likes, he will also feel overwhelmed by your attention.

Invite Him Watching Concert or Sports Game

Of course he would like it if a woman buys his favorite band concert tickets or tickets to the ball of the champion team. You also have to come with him while watching, so that the relationship could be getting closer.

Always Happy

Demonstrate your excitement when you are close to the him, make him also feel comfortable close to you. If both are inter-connected, then the relationship could be getting closer.

Touching back or hair

Men thirst with the support and praise. Flood him with supports and praise. As I say, you can touch his back or stroking her hair gently. A little touch can be very meaningful for him. But remember, do not touch too much, because it can make him ilfill.

Keep Your Promises

Have you ever promised something but could not follow through on it? It makes you feel awful when it happens the first time. But when it becomes a habit then those around you begin to lose trust in you. You may even be at a point where you do not notice that you are failing at your promises. But your spouse and your children notice it every time.
Obviously there are times when you are not able to keep your promises. When there are things outside of your control that keep you from fulfilling the obligation with your loved ones you should let them know the situation and how badly you are hurt because of it too. These exceptions should be truly special though. Don’t be the one sabotaging your own plans just to get yourself out of a promise to your family.

Respect Your Loved One When Around Other People

Show respect to your family when you are in public. Speak kindly to them and about them to others. You should do this at home too, but be especially careful as to how you treat your family when you are around other people. Embarrassing your child or spouse tears down their respect towards you.
One night my wife and I were visiting a church service where the guest speaker and his family did a musical concert. Almost every joke the man told between songs was critical towards his wife or children. He intended it to be funny, and much of it was, but while his family was smiling outwardly, I can imagine they were crying inside. Their private faults (poor cooking and physical problems) were being paraded in front of strangers every night. I was shocked when he asked us to turn to Ephesians 5 (a classic passage on family relationships). I did not walk out, but I should have. After the service the pastor invited my family to eat with him and the guest speaker. That public disrespect continued while we were in the restaurant that night.
As an outsider who spent a total of about 3 hours with this family I could see that there was tension and lack of love. I cannot imagine how their family has developed in the last decade since that church service.
Respect your spouse in front of others. This does not mean they are free of faults, but their faults should not become a matter of public record.

Fulfill Unexpressed Needs

Find ways to fulfill a need in your family. Some people are very vocal about what their needs are, but some will suffer in silence. Be sensitive and aware that someone in the family is hurting. We all know that when you ask a spouse or a child, “What’s wrong?” and the answer is, “nothing,” accompanied with a sigh, then something is almost always wrong. At times you may have to ask what is needed, but you should strive to be aware of what is going on in the lives of those around you without having to ask.
Hiding from his enemies King David casually mentioned he would love to have a drink from the well in Bethlehem. Three of his mighty men broke through the Philistine guard to bring back water for David. The king was so moved by their actions towards his desire and need that he could not even drink the water that these men risked their lives to bring him. I guess he did not feel worthy of the love this action showed. 

Learn to Listen

Sometimes the biggest show of love is to just sit and listen. When a person is going through some type of emotional strain they most often are not looking for advice. They are looking for someone to simply listen and empathize with them. You don’t need to excuse wrong thinking and actions of the person, but take the time to listen first. Any corrective action or advice should be done after you have shown the person you care.
Have you witnessed an argument between a husband and wife in which it is obvious they are both talking but neither one is hearing what the other one has to say? You’ve probably never noticed it in your own tense moments because you are too busy defending your position. If you can simply sit back and listen to the other side and focus on what they have to say you may be amazed that they may be right. Even if you still don’t agree with them, you have shown them love by listening to what they have to say. Then you can intelligently give your perspective in light of their concerns.
It may not even be an argument that needs your attention. I remember in high school when I would buy the Dallas Morning News on Monday afternoon on my way home from school. I read all the stats and articles about the weekend football games to my mother while she prepared supper. She couldn’t care less about the Cowboys, but she loved me enough to listen as I gave my own personal commentary on Coach Landry’s team. Mom did much more for me than just listen to my ramblings about football, but I often remember those precious afternoons when I think about the great relationship I have with her today.

Give Them Time Alone

Have you ever needed to be alone? Your spouse may be a people person. They love to be around a crowd and meet new people. But they also may need some time alone. It could be that your wife would love to sit in a bathtub and read a book for an hour without hearing the kids banging on the bathroom door. Can you provide that? Maybe your husband would like to veg out and read a woodworking magazine without being asked to repair the dishwasher (for the 10th time today).
Give some space and time to them and you may find that your relationship is strengthened when you are together.

Connect When You Are Not With Them

Slipping a note into your spouse’s lunch bag that they will see when they are at work shows you cared enough to plan a little something special. Getting up in the middle of the night to call your loved one when they are traveling half-way around the world can show great love.
With email and text messaging today it is pretty simple to send a quick note that will reach a person wherever they are. Because of this, taking the time to hand write a note or send a card can be that much more special.

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