Things Women do not Like to Hear from You

Women do not like being told certain touchy things and more often than not, these 'thing' are true. However if you are to avoid unpleasantness in a relationship, all truths cannot be told. So if a man refrains from bringing up some insecurities related to girly things then a lot of problems in a relationship just disappear. You need to use words in a relationship with caution; they are like arrows, once shot they cannot be brought back.
Here are some some the truths (or half truths) that women do not like being told.Avoid this type of talks between your girl or man, Give him or her care as much as you can give. It will make your relationship more powerful.

1. You are fat

Any man who has been in a steady relationship will never debate this golden rule. Never ever call 
your girlfriend fat. Whether she really is fat or you are ‘just kidding.’ “No man or woman likes being called fat. It makes them insecure and uncomfortable. And what would you achieve by doing that?” asks Praneeta Rao, a 25-year-old business analyst.

2. Your family is cuckoo 

Girls tend to be very attached to their families. Thus, they are fiercely defensive about their foibles. “She will keep complaining about her sister and her mum, but even if I merely nod my head or agree with her, I am accused of ‘attacking’ her family. Over the years, I have learnt to just listen and not comment,” laughs Sameer Anand, a 27-year-old software engineer.

3. You can’t drive

If you like making occasional ‘dumb woman’ jokes, then it’s time you steer clear of them. Woman hate being stereotyped, and calling them bad drivers is like digging your own grave. “I have heard this so often from my ex-boyfriend. It’s stupid! I can’t believe men from the 21st century can come up with such trash. Women are absolutely safe drivers,” contends Krithika Chauhan, a student from Sophia College.

4. You’re tech-challenged
Yes, she may choose to stay away from the latest gizmos, but if she puts her mind to it, she can be as tech-savvy as you are. “I have girl friends who review phones for a living. All these misconceptions are a thing of the past. Women are just as technologically active as men, they just don’t like to brag about it all the time,” claims Mehr Malhotra, a student from St Xavier’s College.

5. You spend too much

Shopping to women is what beer is to men. It is therapeutic and helps them relax. So questioning their spending habits will not be taken too kindly. However, if you must, make sure you are subtle and can tactfully cut short her spending spree.

6. You nag too much

Do all your fights end with her saying “But what did I say?” Well, women tend to get a little too worried about trivial things. However, labelling it as ‘nagging’ will only make it worse. Realise that she only does it because she cares and deal with it gently.

7. You’re too sensitive  

Yes, women use tears as their standard defence mechanism. And why not? It seems to get their work done. “I think women are just made that way. We are easily moved. It’s who we are and bringing that up again and again won’t change anything,” says Diksha Gajriya, a psychology student.

8. My Mom cooks better than you

It is true in most cases but rivalry is a girly thing you must not ignite. Especially between your mother and wife/girlfriend it will wreck havoc. All of us feel that our moms are the best cooks in the world but if you are stupid enough to voice it out loud you'll repent.

9. You can work if you want to

She will read it as if you are giving her 'permission' to work and that will seriously piss her off. Why? That is because she never asked for your permission. Women get very annoyed if they even imagine being bossed. This dress doesn't suit you. She will not consider it to be a fault with the dress but with herself. It maybe impossible for you to understand such female logic but for her its perfectly logical. So just avoid fights by nodding along.

10. We cannot afford a baby!

Hell will break loose if you say this though she might have said it many times herself. You will be called incapable, irresponsible and various other unpleasant adjectives will be used for you.

11. Your Mom looks better than you

Women do not like being compared with anybody, even if it is the person closest to them, their mother. Use the same words in a relationship differently. Tell her she will resemble her mother when she grows old and she'll still be beautiful.

12. Your Dad is too possessive about you

For girls, their father is their eternal hero. He can do no wrong, see no wrong and speak no wrong. Never try to compete with your father in law because you will loose hands down. In her eyes he is perfect and for him she is always his little girl. You'll understand when you are the father of the bride!

 Use these relationship tips to avoid saying these thing women do not like to hear.

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