One way Love

It is not necessary that the one you love loves you back. There may be people who love you from the bottom of their heart, but you cannot have all of them as your lovers. If you choose one of them as your lover, the rest are left with their one sided love.
No one can be forced to fall in love. Love happens naturally and if you force someone to love you, it will not be love. To ask someone to love you because you love him is a bad decision. To be loved is a natural desire and those who do not get back the same love, remain in one sided love affair.
one way love image,one sided love images,love failure images,4truelovers image,girl on bed imageFalling in love with someone who does not love you back can be frustrating and distracting. Many even become aggressive in love and many go into depression, so much that they harm their own self or the one they love. Remember that if you are not loved, it is not because you are bad and ugly, but because he/she loves someone else or is looking for some other person.
Everyone has an image of a lover in mind. You may or may not fit into that image. If you do not fit in, it means you are made for someone else and you must wait for that person. Instead of thinking negative about your own self, you must look forward to meeting more potential partners.
Most people who fall in love expect the other person also to love them. They even start imagining that they will be loved back. But break that dream and face reality. If you haven’t proposed to that guy or girl, you don’t know his/her answer. Then why make false dreams? Get a clear answer to proceed. If you get a ‘No’, don’t get disappointed. It’s part of life.
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Do not expect someone to love you back or accept your proposal simply because you love him. Do not force your love on someone. It is good to dream about someone and feel excited upon seeing him/her, but the same love becomes depressing when it is not reciprocated.
If you know you will not be loved back, you must make efforts to move on. Meet new people, attend more parties and ask your friends to introduce you to more people. Engage yourself in activities that keep you busy. If you have any pictures of your love, delete them or throw them. Ask your friends to help you get over your past by not mentioning him/her in their talks.
Getting over someone takes time but it is the best thing you can do when your love is one sided.
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