How to Attract Girls

14 Steps to Attract Girls 

1. Try not to stutter when you are talking, talk confidently.
2. Smile. Make sure you smile nicely, if you look at a girl or catch her eye.
3. Don't act fake. Be congruent to your image.
4. Look at her. If you ignore a girl you like, she will think that you are not attracted to her and that you are not man enough to face her(shy fool) hence move on. If you look at the girl, and she catches you, go talk to her. If you don't within a few seconds, it will come off as creepy. But if you do, it will seem spontaneous and fun.remember to put a smile on your face.

5. Listen to her. Conversation is a two-way street. Find commonalities this way. Not just favorite things, but common goals, dreams, and is logical that -humans' only talk to people who listen to us hence this will make her have interest to talk to you.

6. Dress nice! Girls take a great look at guys dressing,they select only those that are outstanding.this is because they like guys they will talk about.(simply be presentable.)

7. Smell good! Shower daily or every other day, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, perhaps use some cologne (but don't overdo it). She will most likely attach that scent to you, and remember you for it.

8. Tease her. Depending on how attractive she is, she will have a certain amount of experience with guys trying to "get with" her. When you begin conversation, act light, fun, and actively show your disinterest in her as a mate. By doing this, she stops putting up her barriers that get rid of the hundreds of guys that may approach her in a year, and she starts listening to you as a normal person, and she can become attracted through your conversation. How you actively show disinterest is you tease her. Things like telling her her nose wiggles when she talks(in a teasing, almost "haha that's so cute" condescending attitude), or like looking to her friends and saying, "Is she always like this?(pointing to your target)?" Always say these things with a smile, of course. Saying these things disqualifies you as a mate at first so she will listen to you and shows your higher value and non-neediness.

9. Ask her about her interests in a unique way not the commonly used, But Don't just ask questions. Talk about yourself in an interesting, high value way.(Not bragging)

10. Don't buy girls drinks or anything else when first meeting her. It shows neediness(which is unattractive. If you are needy, then you must not have girls in your life. If you don't, then there must be something wrong here. That is what subconsciously goes through her mind.)On the contrary, get her to be attracted enough to you to buy you a drink. Look up the "Five Questions Game."

11. Don't be needy! You are a cool dude and you know it. Just the fact that you are reading this shows you want to improve. Self-improvement is great and it is great you want to become a better person. So, you are a cool person. Don't act like she is the only girl out there. It helps.

12. Be fun, flirty, have a great time, and remember, you are the man!

13. Don't try too hard, girls can sense that. Be confident! If a girl doesn't like you for who you are, then she probably isn't a very pleasant girl.

14. Have a good personality


  • For step 8- Inside jokes and teasing is fun when you know what to joke about, so be careful. And don't take things too far, like saying her friend is weird or stupid. If they're close, you've wrecked your chances.. when you know what to say, girls love (nice) teasing!
  • Don't make your first move too soon.
  • Know that "attracting" is just a part of a relationship.
  • Girls likes guys who understand them, listening is VERY important
  • If a girl tells you to leave her alone (ONLY WHEN SHE IS SAD/CRYING), don't, because some part of her wants someone to be with her, even if she says not to bother her
  • Love her for who she is.
  • Understand her mind and how to interact with her.
  • Don't text or do anything else when talking to a girl, always look into her eyes.
  • Always give a little smile to her.
  • Don't be a creeper/stalker.


  • If you say anything fresh, you just might get slapped in your face.
  • Don't EVER ignore a girl when she is talking to you!!!
  • Don't stare at the floor! Make plenty of eye contact.
  • Don't be a pervert. Yes, you shall get slapped
  • If you think about sex/making out at first sight, don't even try to get her to be your girlfriend.

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