How to make Eye contact with a woman

I realized that people are very cold with strangers and this happens, because society imposed this. For example I watched attentively how most men look away every time they are caught by other people making eye-contact with them, especially with girls. They are so shy and insecure, that they can't even look at somebody with confidence. It happened to me and I think to almost everybody. The feeling is in that moment so frustrating, because you feel that something is holding you from looking at her and you become very nervous. 

Maybe you promised yourself that the next time you are going to succeed, but you are only delaying this process, without any results. I am certain you know that a interaction with somebody starts with an 

So why don't you do it?

In this moments I used to believe that I could do anything or support any consequences just to get rid of this problem. I felt my heart being prepared to explode if one more step would go wrong. 

So how have I dealt with this? 

I was so preoccupied with my problem, so that I couldn't bear it anymore. I promised myself to make eye-contact with the first person I will see. I didn't care if it was a hot girl or an old man. I just wanted to demonstrate myself that I can do it. 

So guess who the first person was, that I saw in front of my eyes...

The person was the hottest girl in my new neighborhood, the girl I always wanted to speak with, but I was too scared. So I had to keep my promise and I made eye-contact with her and I smiled(I didn't planned to smile, but I did unintentionally).
My heart was beating so fast, because it didn't know how she would react.

How do you think she did react?

She smiled and said 'Hi' to me. I was so amazed, I couldn't believe I did it. I talked to her about five minutes and I took her number. I felt like I would have won a million dollars.

And this experience changed my life... From that moment on, I began to make eye-contact with beautiful girls and to say confident:"Hey! What up?" with a smile on my face. 

Many girls tell me that they were pleasantly surprised because I had the courage to approach them and that it was unique for them to see that I don't use a cheesy pickup line and it seemed so normal for them, as if they had known me for some time.

I became so confident and I realized that I can meet any goal I propose. It is so simple after you try it a couple of times and you see that it really works. Just try to make a friendly eye-contact and think of her as if she were your sister or your best buddy. Don't be outcome-oriented and think that she should give you her number directly, because this ruins everything. 

Test this and see if it works for you. Try it several times and you will see some changes.

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