Romantic places to visit in New York for the first date

The first date is always very special for everyone. But at the same time, the anxiety is huge. What to wear, where to go, what will you talk about and will he/she like you at the end of the day – there are lots of factors to be thought upon. While choosing the dress and the food is important, the place where you will go does equally matter. In fact, you just can’t pick up any popular place randomly; you need to keep in mind certain factors like if that place is close to your home, if it is easy to get to etc. Most importantly,

you should consider the preference and the choices of your date while selecting the place. For example, if s/he is not that much interested in sports, and if you choose a bar, which is famous for bowling, you can be sure of the fact that your date was spoiled already!

In New York City, there are varied kinds of first date options – whether you want to go to a dance, to a movie, or a sporting event or simply want to enjoy your date at a quiet restaurant, you will get it all. Here is a list of some of the most ideal options for your first date–

     Empire State Building  

Romantic places to visit in New York for the first date, 4truelovers love articles
 You might be shocked to see this one listed as a date spot, but trust the experts when they say that there is a different shade of this place, which you can discover at night. You will just be amazed to check out the views of the city from top of the 86 storied building, in a steamy night and can’t help but embrace the radiant New York! To spice it up all the more, schedule your visit between Thursdays to Saturday nights, 10 pm to 1 am, as you will get to see a live jazz saxophonist serenading to your delight.

·    Pizza a Casa 

       If both of you are passionate enough about cooking and food, then this place can be the ideal date spot for you. At Pizza a casa, pizza cooking class is conducted where you will get to drink some delicious wines, meet other couples, and also learn how to toss some dough properly. So, if you want to bond over food, this could turn out to be the ideal destination to head to.  

Campbell Apartment 

Romantic places to visit in New York for the first date,4truelovers love articles

If you want to impress your date the most with some old world charm, probably this would be the ideal place to visit. This luxurious historic bar, (which was once the office of John W. Campbell, a 20th century tycoon) with its stained windows and a Florentine ceiling will surely remind you of the enriched culture and tradition. The stone fireplace is sure to encourage the couples on winter nights to slink into the cushy chairs and sip the specialty cocktails.

·    Central Park 

Romantic places to visit in New York for the first date,4truelovers love articles
       Planning a date during the day in the summer might seem to be a bit painful, but once the sun sets down and the heat lifts a bit, being outside, enjoying the cool bridges can prove to be really exciting. So, if you are going to plan a date in summer, avoid being at a bar or a restaurant. Rather, enjoy yourself at places like the Central Park. Right from watching the live performance of some Shakespearean dramas or New York Philharmonic concerts to enjoying some romantic movies under the stars – Central Park gifts you the best possible evening, ever!

Frying Pan 

      You would surely not like to miss the chance to spend an evening with your date by the side of a river. Just imagine how exciting it will be when the two of you will be on a once sunken ship! Frying Pan is a famous dive bar, situated on a ship that sunk in 1929. Feel the magic of witnessing the sunset over the Hudson together. It would become even more charming after it gets dark, as you will get eh chance to dance on the swinging boat with no music behind you and enjoy the company of an eclectic crowd.

·    Rippers 

      If you are looking for a place to date during the day, Rippers is the best place to check out. With those filling burgers and beers, right on the boardwalk, it is a lively place to set your date.
If planning a date at the right destination seems like too tough a task, you can always hire dating experts to help plan it for you.  


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