5 Reasons You Can't Resist Falling In Love With A Book

They say that reading will make you look like a geek. But, the truth is that once you start reading, you won't notice at all that you are reading more than one book in just one day. Reading is addicting and it will really make you feel frustrated along the way. The thing about having that fascination with books is that you can't help but fall in love with it along the way.

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Reading a book can definitely be a good idea for people regardless if you are a single, or you have a partner or even if you are trying to mend a broken heart. No one will go wrong with a book after all, as it will be one of the great way to escape even for just a little while from your chaotic world.
Who says that falling in love are just meant for people, anyone can fall in love regardless if it's a thing or human. It can be possible that you can't resist to fall in love with a book. It may sound funny but definitely it can happen and you won't notice it either.

Here are some reason on why falling in love with a book is something that any reader can't resist.

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1. Plot is the  Key - every reader looks forward on what could be the plot of the book they are reading. This is the part of the story in which there are a lot of things that may happen and will definitely test your emotions. Main story of the book can be seen on this part, that is why it is expected that reader may instantly fall in love on this part and won't let any distractions ruin it.

2. Narrative of the Story - its impossible not to fall in love with a book when you know that the narrative has been written by the author the best ways, and it will certainly leave you breathless. Once you are too attached with the book that you are reading, you won't notice any single thing that is happening around you. Like, you just fall really hard for that book and you start feeling that you are part of it.

3. Characters to Look Forward - characters does a big part in every book and in every readers' life. Each character depending on the story some readers can relate and without noticing, they are reading like they are part of the story and try to imagine that every scenes that are happening in the book. Authors sometimes make characters that every readers can't resist to fall in love with or sometimes hate.

bookk hugging images, book love hug images,book love images,4truelovers images, book of love images, love hugging couple romantic cute images4. Place to Love - the setting of the story is also being considered that will likely get the attention of any readers. If the author set the story in a place that reader will easily imagine and seems to attract that easily. No wonder readers would love to read the book and finish it no matter what. At some point every must think of a creative way for readers to be enticed in terms of the setting of the story, for it will have a great impact for every readers.

5.  Author's Style of Writing - the way the story has been done is also a big factor for readers to love the book that they are reading. If it's written in a way that it makes them feel convenient and happy along while reading it is such a big relief. Every author has their own and unique way to please their readers. It can be a good strategy if the author try to write in a way that reader craves for more of it. Author can make readers frustrated and happy with their books and most of all, they know how to make their readers fall in love on it at the same time.

Who would have thought that through simple reasons that were mention, readers can really fall in love with a book. Sometimes, you can fall in love with a book even if it's your first time reading it, and you will feel you really love it when every time you think and talk about it all throughout the day. Add on it the idea that you want to read it over again.


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