Top 10 Gift Ideas that will show your love for your valentine on this year ending

One way to show your love is to give your partner a sweet surprise for a gift. Expensive or cheap, your partner will definitely appreciate them. The important thing is your thoughtfulness and seeing your partner’s face light up once when they finally open up that gift box. So without further ado, here are our top 10 gift ideas for 31 December.

1. iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. It’s Apple so what more can we say? But really, these are sweet and cool, your partner will appreciate it and we are just certain that you will be given something in return. If you know what we mean.

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2. A watch that would match his/her taste. Watches are unisex but you will find that it’s mostly the guys who are fond of this so ladies take note. The perfect Valentine’s gift for your husband is that Cartier or Omega watch that he’s been checking out at the mall.

3. Sexy lingerie. Gentlemen, give your woman that sexy lingerie that you always fantasize her wearing and bring that fantasy to life. Ladies, you can also buy sexy lingerie as a gift for your partner. The gift being you wrapped up in that lingerie on year ending eve.

4. Teddy bears and pillows. We know these gifts are generic and mainstream. But we believe that something can be said for the old school. Teddy bears and pillows are cuddly and something that your partner can hug tight when he/she misses you or when you are away. A bonus point when you give them this is to shower it with the perfume that you use so your scent can linger with them.

5. Flowers. Nothing beats the old surprise bouquet delivery at her workplace or when you meet up for your date. This gesture is mostly done for the ladies but who says men can’t have flowers too, right?

Love images, surprise love gift images, love images,boy surprise gift image,4truelovers images, Top 10 Gift Ideas that will show your love for your valentine on this year ending6. Chocolates. Chocolates are aphrodisiac, if you get what we mean. But seriously, chocolates may be generic and mainstream as a Valentine’s gift but they are great because who doesn’t love chocolates, right? Of course, you should give your partner the best ones there is.

7. Beer or alcohol. Just like chocolates, beer and alcohol are aphrodisiacs. And they do not only specify to men. Ladies drink too, so giving your partner beer or tequila or vodka or wine for Valentine’s is a great gift. You can drink it together and then you know where that may lead to.

8. A gift certificate to a whole day spa. Give your partner a one day of stress free and relaxation by a treat to the spa and massage. A great way is to buy for the two of you and experience that stress free day together.

surprise love images, girl surprise love images,cute couple romantic love images, Top 10 Gift Ideas that will show your love for your valentine on this year ending9. Tickets to watch his favorite sport or the movie that she is dying to watch. Compromise is one good way to show your love for each other. So on Valentine’s Day, treat your partner to a day of watching his/her interests. Nothing says “I love you” more than enduring something that he/she enjoys that you really do not. If you have the same interests, try out something new.

10. Couple items. Anything can be made as couple items in this day and age: customized couple shirts, personalized mobile cases, rings, mugs. Yes, anything. So choose what you want to have “couple-ized” and give your partner the other half.
There are literally a lot of things to choose from to give your partner on year ending day. The significant thing is you remember the essence of that day and of every day, and that is to love each other.


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