10 YA Books That Will Make You Fall In Love Over Again

Reading may sound boring for some, but the truth is once you give it a try. Once you start reading the first page and got hooked on it, you will just be surprise that you have reach the last page. So, when you feel down and want something to amused and think of anything that might make you fall in love, reading some YA book can be the first step to consider.
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1. How To Love - it was a one-sided love for Reena Montero towards Sawyer LeGrande, but one day they fall in a messy and complicated love. Sawyer, disappears and Reena left devastated and pregnant. Three years have past, Sawyer came back and Reena don't know if she can still let herself love Sawyer again.

2. The Fault In Our Stars - one of the popular book that was turned into film in 2014. Hazel whose condition is terminal when suddenly Augustus Waters shows up at Cancer Kid Support Group. Hazel then have a reason to rewrite her life story of being alive and in love regardless of the circumstances.

3. The Distance Between Us - the book tackles a story of a 17-year old Caymen Meyers and Xander Spence and how money will make an impact on their relationship. Still, Xander made some effort to convince Caymen that being rich is not a character flaw.

4. If I Stay - Sometimes choices is a big factor to consider. Mia is facing tough one on whether to choose her love for music and leave everything behind such as her boyfriend, family and friends. But, everything changes when she and her family got into an accident. Now, all her choice are gone and she is left with one that matters the most.

10 YA Books That Will Make You Fall In Love Over Again, book lovers, couples kissing with book, love book kissing,couple kissing with book5. Anna and the French Kiss - A senior year in Atlanta is what Anna looks forward, along with the great job, a best friend and a crush that is becoming more. So, the idea of being transferred to a boarding school in Paris is not thrilling at all, until she meets √Čtienne St. Clair.

6. If We Kiss - story about a girl named Charlotte who finds herself falling for a boy whom her best friend is in love with and making it complicated is that her mother seems to be dating his father. The question comes on what would happen if they kiss?

7. Eleanor and Park - A story of star-crossed sixteen-year-olds that are smart enough to know that first loves may not last but have that courage to give it a try.

8. On The Jelliecoe Road - Taylor needs to find out more, even if that will end up confronting her own story, that might lead her in finding her mother who abandoned her on the Jellicoe Road.

book of love, love book images, 10 YA Books That Will Make You Fall In Love Over Again , book with love animation, love books9. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - It takes four minutes for two people to change everything. Hadley Sullivan misses her flight at JFK Airport. She meets Oliver, a perfect British boy. The two lost track but can fate bring them back together?

10. Fangirl - Cath thinks that being a fan is her life and she's really good at it. Along with her twin sister they are fan of Simon Snow series. Cath's sisters has grown away from the fandon but Cath on the other hand can't and doesn want to let go.

Books can have that magical feeling that will make you feel mixed emotions at the end of every page. Happy endings are way too common, sometimes the struggle in reaching their happy endings are most challenging.


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