7 Tips to make your distance Love with Girlfriend Stronger

Studies or work may place you in a situation where she could be on the other side of the world. Whatever the reason, the reality is that long distance relationships are hard. However, don’t despair as all is not lost. This could actually be a golden opportunity to make your love with you partner stronger.

Stay grounded

Even though love gives you wings, it is important that your build your relationship on certain grounds rules. This is to avoid disappoint or hurting one another unintentionally. Specific goals to make it all the more manageable must also be set. You need to ask the following questions:
  • How long will we be apart?
  • When will we be together again?
  • What is allowed/not allowed?

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Vexed without visits

Visits are vital. What other people take for granted every day in a regular type of relationship will become the highlight of yours. You know you can’t wait to just hold her in your arms again or to kiss her. Make sure that you plan and save to make these sweet anticipated moments a reality whenever you can.

Communication is the key

You need to have regular contact. Luckily, the technology of today makes this a great deal easier.

· TOP TIP: Start every day and end every night with a message to her to let her know that she is the first thing and the last thing you think about each and every day.

· Be old fashioned. Cards and handwritten love letters declaring your love with cute paragraphs for her are more personal and treasured than an SMS.

· Don’t bombard her with a thousand messages a day. It is not necessary to be in contact 24/7.

· Know her agenda. You don’t want to be contacting her when she may be busy and not able to respond. This is also extremely important of there is a timezone difference.

· Use multimedia. Send photos or videos of what is going on in your life. If you are listening to a song that reminds you of her send the link. Voice messages and calls are wonderful because you get to hear that laugh you miss so much.

· Make use of video calling whenever possible.
· Keep each other updated about what is happening in regards to work, friends, and family.

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Honesty is the privacy

If you are feeling insecure, envious or simply just lonely, talk to her about it. It is never good to bottle such emotions up as they could end up destroying your relationship. By talking it through you will be offering each other support and the assurance needed to strengthen the bond of your love.

The gift of giving

Send her gifts on her birthday, on anniversaries, on Valentine’s Day, and over Christmas to make her remember that she is special to you and that you are thinking of her over those times. If you can afford it, send her an occasional bouquet of flowers or a small thoughtful token of her love as a surprise.

Tease to please

An integral part of any healthy relationship is sex. Even if you are in different countries you can still keep the flame burning brightly. This will increase desire and longing. When you do see each other again it will be ecstasy.
· Send teasing pictures to fuel her fantasies
· Describe what you plan to do to her when you have her firmly in your grip
· Play with words to deliver a cute but sexy fun that is sure to make her giggle

Date night

Once more technology helps in this regards. Set a night, every week if possible, where you engage in activities together online.
· Depending on what you both like you could play a game together or watch your favorite movie at the same time
· Interact on Skype and discuss a sports game you both watched, show her how to cook the new recipe you found or discuss the book you are both reading
· Whatever you do try to make it something that you would regularly do and enjoy together as a couple

Use these tips to make sure you keep her assured and comforted in the fact that you love her despite the fact that she is far away. If you do whatever you can to make the relationship as strong as possible despite the distance, imagine how beautiful it will be when you two are happily together again.

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Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site rocketparents.com

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