5 Ways in Making New Friends At School

In the beginning of academic year, gaining friends can be a little difficult. Almost everything is kinda weird and you don't know how to start talking with other people. Gaining friends at this stage is one of the things that kids or even teens is afraid of. Everybody seems to have their own circle and you have no idea how to approach them.

But of course, in the long way, you can start talking to them and well, get along with them. You can have as much fun as you had from your previous school. At first, you can ask for their name then eventually ask them to hang out with you during lunch breaks. There are simple ways you can use in order to gain friends at the start of academic year.

5 Ways in Making New Friends At School, love article, 4truelovers

Here's how:

1. Be Kind - Always make sure that you show kindness to whoever you meet at the beginning of classes. Be nice, that's the main key here. Show them respect as you have your own background and culture. Remember the saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, better be quiet. You will just end up hurting them. You need to agree with them as much as possible.

2. Breath In, Breath Out - Take a deep breath. I know that you're nervous and all but always keep in mind that you're going to school. This is not a place where you will experience torture. You will be able to find kinds your age and has the same interest as yours. Do not judge them without knowing them.

3. Be Yourself - No matter what, do not change yourself and try to fit in with other people's standards of beauty and personality. Remember that you have your own unique personality just like the others. You don't need to prove something in order for them to accept you. Do not let other people bully you because they don't what you eat or the music you listen to. If these people don't like you at all, fine. Find a bunch of kids/teens who can accept you for who you are.

5 Ways in Making New Friends At School, love article, friendship, 4truelovers
4. Check Your Hygiene - This one is important. Nobody likes to smell BO or bad breath. Make sure that you take a bath daily, wear cologne, apply deodorant, brush your teeth. You also need to be presentable so that people would not be scared.

5. Make Yourself More Inviting - Always wear a smile. It goes a long way, I tell you. Do not hide your face in your books or hunch over with your journal when walking. Chin up and make an eye contact with other students. If you see someone you know, greet them with Hi or Hello. Or you can smile or nod to them. When you greet your classmates or colleague, make sure you remember their names.

Remember, do not be afraid of people. Always wear a smile and be approachable. Gaining friends in school should not be difficult because it is a way of interaction. After all, friends are the one who will help you out next to your family.


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