Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back in Your Life

Moving on from a break up is perhaps one of the toughest things for anyone to do. There are sad movies, sad songs, stress eating, gorging on ice cream, and a lot of crying. It’s always a messy scene and may take a person months and sometimes years to come out of it. Some people are just not strong as others when it comes to the matters of love and they become stuck on one person, even after the break up. Especially since women are more emotional, it is harder for them to deal with a break up. In such a situation, getting your ex-boyfriend back in your life might be a good idea. But it is a very complicated territory and one must tread with immense caution.

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Assessment level

The first step in getting your ex-boyfriend back into your life is to assess the situation closely. You need to ask yourself that why did the break up happen at the first place and why do you want him back. You need to find out whether the break up happened because of irreparable reasons. If that’s so, then it might not be a good idea to get back with him. In case you think the problems can be fixed, only then try to get him back. Also, you need to find out whether you want him back just because your ego is hurt or if you genuinely want him back because you still love him.

Try the casual approach

Rather than pleading, crying, and creating a ruckus which would further push him away from you, it’s always a better idea to casually approach them. Be it a text message or a facebook chat, a simple ‘Hi” or “How have you been” would be a great ice breaker. Your next step should obviously depend on his reply. If it’s a positive reply then go ahead with a chat, but without any emotional drama.

Try to meet him in a group or with another couple

It’s a good idea to meet him for the first time post break up in a group, say a mutual friend’s party or a coffee date with another couple friend. It would be nice to rekindle the friendship first and avoid one on one meeting to avoid any emotional drama. Also, when there would be other people around you, things would be much lighter and fun.

Visit your old favourite joint together

Visiting your favourite spots you guys had as a couple would be a great idea to bring back memories and help him remind how good you two were together. Be it a restaurant, a mall, or a market; try to fix up a meeting there.

Talk about the good times

When you guys do meet post break up, casually begin the chat about his life and share what’s happening in yours. Slowly start talking about the fun times you had together, like a vacation or a trip. Talk about the good things that happened when you guys were together and bring back the good memories. He’s bound to fall back for you if he’s still into you.


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